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Viddy Studio is a desktop application that integrates with OBS Studio to help you plan and shoot your direct-to-camera videos.




How it works


With Viddy, you can write the whole script of your video line by line. Forgetting what you're supposed to say will be a thing of the past.

When it's time to shoot, Viddy will show you the current line of your script and the lines that are up next.


Now that you're ready to shoot, connect your camera to your computer with an HDMI cord and capture card.

Need a redo? No Problem. Viddy will keep track of your "good takes" and "bad takes" for you.

Edit Faster

Now that your video is shot, Viddy will automatically create a folder on your computer with all of your good and bad takes organized for you.

Drop your footage into your favorite editing software to add your personalized touches.


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Cloneable Content

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